Jiangsu Yujie Carbon Fiber Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. is a new scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing. The company has had great achievements from its establishment with the support from colleges and universities both in the nation and abroad. Oriented toward research and development and put into production, the company has taken an important position in the area of thermal field materials, carbon fiber, aramid fiber and other high performance fiber products.
       These products are extensively applied in aerospace, sports, civil construction, transportation, ship building, electrical and other relevant industries. The products have been exported to Germany, US, Australia, Pakistan ant other countries......
Plates preform
Insulation materials
Draft tube preform
Crucible Preform
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Unidirectional Cloth
Carbon fabrics
Aramid Fabrics
Aramid fiber Reinforcement Unidirectional Cloth